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Russian Military Vehicles

This is a package containing 29 prefabsVehicles included:BTR 70, BTR 152, MAZ 537, T90, GAZ TigerThe models are very well optimizedAll the rotating parts are hinged properlyTank tracks are rigged, so…

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This is a package containing 29 prefabs
Vehicles included:
BTR 70, BTR 152, MAZ 537, T90, GAZ Tiger
The models are very well optimized
All the rotating parts are hinged properly
Tank tracks are rigged, so that they support Physics simulations.
Every Vehicle is one Texture set to optimized drawcalls
The rotating parts are pivoted correctly.
The variations only change the Albedo textures.
Display demo included
All of the Textures are HD 2048x2048 JPEGs
All of them can be downscaled
Texture types:
Diffuse, Normal, Specular, AO, Metalic, Emmisive
Additional textures for external use included:
Thickness, curvature, Space normals, position -----------------------------------------------------------
All the variations are game ready, catagorized and Prefabbed.
Common Variations:
Some models contain specific textures.