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Performance Tools

Performance Tools - a set of packages for optimization.The set consists of three assets:Advanced Render System (30$)Super Level Optimizer (30$)Advanced Culling…

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Performance Tools - a set of packages for optimization.

The set consists of three assets:

Advanced Render System (30$)
Super Level Optimizer (30$)
Advanced Culling System (30$)

AdvancedCullingSystem :
Occlusion Culling(Windows)
Static Culling(Windows)

AdvancedRenderSystem (Windows)
AdvancedRenderSystem (Android)

Buying Performance Tools You save 30$ :
30$ + 30$ + 30$ = 60$!

Advanced Render System is perfect for open spaces;
Super Level Optimizer greatly reduces the number of Draw Calls and the load on the CPU/GPU;
Advanced Culling System is perfect for optimizing enclosed spaces;