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You have the opportunity to access the premium telegram channel, which has a lot of assets of the latest versions. 

Do not miss your chance to become part of our family and get the most anticipated assets for free.

The cost of a monthly subscription is only 5$

Press this beautiful button and you are in game! Please, enter your email in the "Become a member" window, so we could send you premium telegram channel link.

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Why I need to buy a Premium account?

First of all - you help us in development. We use all the funds received from your donations to pay for the domain and hosting, search for new assets, etc. By purchasing Premium, you can download a lot of materials for free from our telegram channel

What will I get by purchasing a Premium account?

You get access to the premium telegram channel. Here you can download the most requested materials for your projects. You also get the opportunity to download materials from our site without ads.

How long is Premium valid?

Premium account is purchased for 1 month, after which it must be renewed. If the subscription is not renewed, it will be cancelled.

Can I get a Premium account for free?

Yes! You can get a Premium account absolutely free of charge by fulfilling a small condition: provide 2 assets that are not in our database. After fulfilling this condition, please notify us by email:

What if I want to pay in another way?

Contact us on our mail: and we will send you all payment methods.